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Bronze Package

The bronze Package offers basic educational resources such as access to online lectures, quizzes, and some study materials. suitable for those on a budget, provides fundamental learning materials, good for basic understanding of the financial market.

Silver Package

The Silver Package includes more comperhensive educational resources such as interactive learning tools, additional practice exams, and some personalized support. it offers more in-depth learning experience, access to more resources, some level of personalization and support for our students.

Gold Package

The Gold Package is a premium offering with extensive educational resources, including live tutoring sessions with our top analysts, personalized study plans, in-depths assessments and access to exclusive materials. Tailored for serious learners, provides access to premium resources, personalized ssistance and one-on-one support.


Eklavya Asset Managers is committed to empowering clients across South Africa with the necessary financial education to make sound decisions. Through our partnerships with TipRanks and Traders Education, we offer a platform for clients to enhance their financial literacy. Let us guide you towards a path of financial wisdom.

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